Our success is based on our focus on prompt customer service and our commitment to research and development in wax formulations.

Our wax rings are made with formulas that include petroleum-derived materials and chemical additives that endow them with excellent structural and sealing properties to hold up under extreme climatic conditions.

Performance Under Extreme Conditions

We transport wax rings by land to California, where shipments cross the Arizona desert in summer with temperatures of 113 to 122°F (45 to 50°C) and arrive at their final destination without any deformation.

At the other extreme, wax rings exported to the Northern United States and Canada are used under extreme temperatures of 32°F (0°C) and maintain their consistency for adequate compression during toilet installations, achieving a perfect seal.

Compliance With Standards

Our products are performance-tested and certified under the American Federal Standard A-A-3110 — indicating compliance of wax formulations known as “gasket” to standards of behavior under different conditions that determine the consistency and performance of wax rings, including aspects such as permeability and storage stability.

Compliance with this standard ensures excellent performance under very hot and very cold climate conditions under which our products maintain their structural consistency due to their design formulation.